Music Licensing
Without the Lawyers
on Web3

+ Open a Store in 2 minutes
+ Add your music (or music NFTs)
+ Add Licensing options
= new way to monetize your music

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Welcome to the Collaboration Economy

Legato enables Web3 music collaborators to publish music NFTs & share profits + sell music licenses for commercial use.

How it works

Getting started is easy. Bring your own collaborators and other artists on board, and start licensing your music.


  • 1 Found a new capsule on-chain using your wallet.
  • 2 Invite Collaborators, vocalists, mixers, marketing folks, other artists with their own songs - it takes a village to make music.
  • 3 Onboard Your music into the catalog. Each song is uploaded along with its metadata and splits information.
  • 4 Spawn & Sell Licenses & music NFTs from your capsule's catalog.
  • 5 Share Profit The treasury uses your song splits information to divide up the incoming money using smart contracts. No human needed.
  • 6 Share You can instruct the treasury keep a piece of each sale, and later use it for your capsule's purpuses or shared equally among the members.
  • 7 Vote on new songs, new licenses, treasury distributions and more.


A Legato Music Capsule combines powerful DAO tooling such as voting & treasury, and adds catalogs, splits & licensing.